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Hydro + US-5 add-on pack

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Hydro + 100% waterproof 5-litre storage 3 litre Hydrapak reservoir included...

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Hydro + 100% waterproof 5-litre storage 3 litre Hydrapak reservoir included 10 year guarantee









Hydro 3 has been designed specifically as an active riding pack with our unique Quadloc harness system. Providing a level of fit and comfort unequalled by any other hydration system. With a fully adjustable back-length and unrestricted underarm movement. Once set, the pack is exceptionally convenient to use, with none of the harness strap re-adjustment necessary on conventional harness systems. The adjustable back also allows the pack position to be moved up to allow large waistpacks to be also worn. Hydro 3 can be worn with or without a waiststrap – we recommend to use a waiststrap for maximum stability, when carrying the full 3 litre (100 oz) water capacity.





Pack Layout




3-litre reservoir.


1-litre side access zip pocket


Shock-cord for external storage.


Removable waist strap.









Increases your carrying capacity by 5-litres by adding a US-5 Dry Pack (100% waterproof main body). Reversible zip-pocket or mesh pocket. 10-year guarantee.










The pack is supplied pre-set to level 2. For XL fit move to level 3 and level 1 for XS fit.


Step 1: Firstly, push the harness strap back into the pack, to release the harness-web tension.


Step 2: Shorten or lengthen harness by moving slider on web (equal both sides).


Step 3: Pull harness strap back out of pack, to tension harness web.


Step 4: Put on pack and adjust fit as on a conventional harness. Do not over tighten – tidy loose ends – ends under elastic loops. Once set, the harness do not need to be re-adjusted each time as the pack ergonomics allow the harness to open wide for arm access.




Hydro 3 from Kriega on Vimeo.

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